- a finite state machine editor

updated Dec 15/2000
contents Copyright 1998-2000 by Nick Porcino

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A graphical finite state machine editting tool and code generator for the rapid development of FSM diagrams and the automatic generation of C++ code for efficient execution of the machines.

The design of the user interface of Fizzim! ensures that ambiguous states and transitions are avoided by ensuring that duplicate states and impossible transitions are not created.

Fizzim is OpenSource, and released under the Artistic License.

The screenshot shows a sample FSM for a fighting game's combo system. After the corresponding C++ code is generated by Fizzim, the only code that needs to be written is the code that actually reads the controller's D-Pad. Fizzim generates the appropriate method prototypes, so getting it up and running is very easy.

Click the image to enlarge it.

Fizzim is currently compiled for the MacOS, but a port to Windows is underway, and as soon as a volunteer comes along, Linux can be next!

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